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How many stars are there on the night sky?
At first sight, watching the night sky on a clear summer night would leave you under the impression that you’re looking at countless stars with different [...]
Sky Safari Summer constellations cover
Useful astronomy apps and tools for apprentices
A good chart nearby when star hopping is a must. Any harder target (a faint fuzzy) needs to be properly identified / compared with the charted area. I [...]
Understand your telescope Eyepieces from zero to Hero
Understand your telescope Eyepieces from zero to Hero
Milky way reflected on a lake
What should I expect to see with a telescope
Gazing out to the stars has always been something that humans have wanted to do, for as long as humans have been looking at the world around them. The [...]
Star party
Join the Messier Marathon practical guide
Hello young apprentice! Spring is here and this means for an amateur astronomer that he can enjoy observing all the objects of the Messier Catalogue in a [...]
Star hopping to Deep Sky Objects (DSOs)
Admiring DSOs in the sky and finding new ones I haven’t seen before is one of my favourite things to do regarding visual astronomy. But how to know what to [...]
Stargazing with a binocular on a tripod
How to choose a good pair of binoculars
Many of us imagine they should own a large and maybe highly automatized telescope from the beginning in order to have the best experience. This simply [...]
Learn the night sky
Learn the night sky
Welcome dear Apprentice!
Welcome dear Apprentice!